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Players: 2 to 4 players
Age: 7 upwards
Genre: Racing Dice Game

Standard Delivery: 3-5 working days
Details: Dice Board Game

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Enjoy the thrills and spills of Croquet played indoors on a board.

Super fun rolling the die and choosing who to land on and send the wrong way. Very frustrating when that happens to you!

To play Crocochet, (pronounced Crocoshay), you have to go through hoops, in a certain order, to get to the winning post while having fun knocking other players out of the way.

You roll the die to see how many squares you can move in your turn in order to get through the hoops. The first player to get through the hoops and get to the winning post, wins.

However, you can use your opponent’s pieces to help you AND send them the wrong way.

When you land ON THEM, you send them back a hoop.

When you land next to them, you roll the die and that total is the number of squares you can send them the wrong way! Not only that, but you get to roll the die again and use that total to either go towards your next hoop or find another player to send the wrong way.

Players can get very excitable!