A Brand New Word Game has not occurred in Decades!

It has Now!

NE GAMES began with the invention of THE NEVER ENDING GAME (digital online game and board game) This word game is totally different in concept from any other word game you will have ever played and challenges the mind in a completely different way which makes it novel and refreshing to play.

You can get away from the crossword based games, the word search based games, the "make as many as words as possible from" scrabble based games and genuinely test your knowledge of vocabulary and spelling accuracy in a new fun and challenging word game.
The Never Ending Game is also special in that it has four difficulty levels making it suitable for all ages (from an early reading age into really old age) and all verbal skill levels. This makes it a wonderful tool for keeping minds (young and old) healthy and active.

On top of all this, The Never Ending Game is also highly educational as it naturally increases vocabulary and promotes accurate spelling. The online game does this by giving the meaning of words as they are revealed to players, young and old.

More Games

NE GAMES has produced (and will continue to produce) games that fit our motto - "Fun and Challenging Games for All the Family". All our games are primarily fun, as all games should be, but are designed in such a way that they are fun for all the family and that they can be played by all the family together (so mixed ages and skill levels) and yet can be played and still enjoyed by either just the younger members of the family (generally 7 plus) or the adults.

Also, the majority of our other games, when played by youngsters, are inherently educational as they make youngsters use their brains in many different ways from challenging speed of recall and word association, to using numbers in different ways and in thinking about the making of words in a totally new and creative way.

We very much hope that you will play our games as a family, enjoying that wonderful, unique and bonding time in a fun, entertaining and subliminal learning environment.