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Description: <p>You are dealt seven letters, may change letters while betting and collecting the best hand you can. Then you bet for as long as wish on the hand you managed to collect.<br><br> The best hand is a seven letter word, followed by a six letter word. Thereafter, a five letter word and two letter word, then a four letter word and three letter word together and so on.<br><br> <strong style="font-family: third; color: #000; letter-spacing: .7px;">IT IS ESSENTIALLY, “WORD POKER” - THIS IS A REAL CHANCE TO PRACTICE YOUR POKER FACE!</strong></p><p><img src="https://ne-games.com/assets/front/images/img/alpha-bet1.jpg" class="img-fluid"><strong style="font-family: third; color: #000; letter-spacing: .7px;"><br></strong></p>